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Whether effervescent and fun, warm and conversational, or smooth and rich, Katie's versatile voice will enhance any project.

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Katie always had a fascination with voices. From watching cartoons growing up, she mimicked animated TV and movie characters, trying hard to get the voices just right. As she grew up, her interests turned to the performing arts, where she was able to explore a range of voices, dialects, and accents as a character actor. Here, her versatility grew.

As a social studies and math teacher, Katie often uses different voices to tell historical stories to her students and to convey math skills in a fun (yet still educational!) way. Her master's degree study focused on flipping the classroom, where Katie made short videos covering different topics. Here, her interest in recording and editing voiceovers blossomed, and became even more prominent as her classroom shifted to more digitally-based content during the 2019-2020 school year.

Katie's passion for the performing arts and her direct application of skills in education have prepared her in voice acting. Katie's enthusiasm for voice acting has led her to finding strength in effervescent, fun, positive-sounding reads, and can also communicate important information clearly and professionally.


Katie is looking forward to working with you on your latest project!

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Vocal Range

Effervescent  Youthful  Energetic 

Conversational  Warm  Relatable

Bright  Smooth  Expressive  Academic

Recent Projects

Recent Projects

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Radio Commercial - Temple University

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